Weekend egg and bacon breakfast muffins

There is nothing very difficult or unusual about this, but I was excited to find my crumpet rings made the perfect-sized eggs. It’s the small things…


What to use – serves 2

2 muffins

6 rashers of streaky bacon

2 large free range eggs


How to use it

Cut your bacon slices in half and fry, then put in the oven to keep warm. While in the oven they’ll crisp up further so just be wary of that.

Put your crumpet rings into the same frying pan and crack the eggs into them. In other words, I fried the eggs in the oil from the bacon. When they look set, gently pull the rings off and baste with the oil to make sure the top is cooked.

That’s it!

Mmm rating: mm mm mm

Calories: not counting at the weekend

Cost: £1.60 per person

What to watch: Saturday Kitchen



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