Fruit, nut and honey yoghurt

I had a huge craving for Greek yoghurt yesterday so I had this for lunch. I topped the yoghurt with a Braeburn apple, taken from the fridge and chopped into cubes. Then I added some flaked almonds, a handful of dried cranberries and drizzled over some honey.

It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten and tasted a lot more interesting than it looks in the pic. A combination of cubes of crisp apple, which was so fresh and juicy, along with the creaminess of the yoghurt, the tart chewiness of the cranberries and the crunch of the almonds.

What to use

  • 170g fat free Greek yoghurt
  • a Braeburn apple – cubed
  • one table spoon of dried cranberries
  • one table spoon of runny honey

How to use it

Not sure we need this section for this one but just in case… chop the apple, and throw that and all the other ingredients over the yoghurt.


Mmm rating: mm mm mm

Cost: £1.40

Calories: 220

What to listen to: The Last Time – Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody

What to watch: Drunk Sherlock – do you have an inshernashional rebutation?



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