About me

IMG_0546I’ve always loved food. I love reading about it, watching people make it, shopping for it (online), cooking it and, most of all, eating it. The standout moment from 30 Rock for me was the look on Tina Fey’s face as the man she was on a date with stated: “Food’s not important to me, I’ll have a salad.” I can’t be friends with people like that.

And at the start of 2015 my grandmother passed away, and I realised that the majority of my memories of her featured food. The memories from everyone else in the family were also food-focused. I found out that she was actually a trained chef but was never able to pursue it as a career, so it made sense why she was soooo good in the kitchen.

While I’ve never been a big consumer of processed food in the sense of using ready meals and so on, I think most of us have room to improve on what we put in our bodies. At the same time, life is short, and everyone deserves a treat now and again. If you’re in any doubt over whether eating ready meals is a good idea, take a minute to read this.

So this blog is partly personal interest and hobby, and partly a journey to find new and taste-full recipes; walking a healthier path, with a few treats thrown in along the way.

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