A three-fish-course dinner

On Saturday, I had friends round for dinner. I ended up serving three fish courses. I am sure there are rules about not doubling up on fish courses, let along tripling up, but no one seemed to mind. I certainly didn’t.

We began with champagne and a shared bowl of garlic prawns – an alternative to the crisps I’d usually have out. I forgot to photograph them but I am sure you all know what a bowl of prawns looks like.



The starter was white pudding with scallops and watercress.

The main was a chorizo, chicken, prawn and salmon paella.



And pudding was a pear tart which we were actually too full/inebriated/both to eat on the night, and which I also forgot to photograph – so I’ll revisit that another time.

I’ve posted the recipes for the starter and the main separately.



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