10-minute pasta – goats cheese and tomato

The easiest pasta ever, I think. One that you could easily make with time to spare between the men’s semi finals today. Come on Andy!

What to use

  • 40g goats cheese – cubed
  • 8 cherry tomatoes – halved
  • 80g pasta
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • sea salt and black pepper

How to use it Boil your pasta. When ready, drain quickly and put straight back into the pan with water still clinging on. Throw in your cheese and add a glug of oil, and stir well until the cheese melts. Add a squeeze of lemon and the tomatoes, then season and serve.

Mmm rating: if you like goats cheese, mm mm mm

Cost: £2

What to listen to: Wimbledon!

What to watch: Wimbledon!

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