Spicy prawns, roast veg, blanched beans

I’ve been over indulging. It has to stop. We are off to Cornwall for a weekend of sea air, sea food and salad so tonight I got into the swing with this. Virtually no carb, very low (good) fat, high vitamin C and protein. And only 360 calories.

What to use

  • 150g king prawns
  • a sweet pepper
  • a substantial courgette
  • a few cherry tomatoes
  • a handful of green beans
  • olive oil
  • chilli (I used sauce)
  • small bunch of fresh coriander
  • lemon juice
  • sea salt

How to use it

Roast your veg in a drizzle of olive oil for 25 minutes at 180C. Blanche your beans for a minute or so, drain and then mix in with the roasted veg to coat in their juices.

Cook the prawns in around a table spoon of olive oil, chilli, coriander, lemon juice and a small pinch of sea salt – all to taste.

Dead easy.


Mmm rating: mm mm mm

Calories: 360

What to listen to: Lost Frequencies – Are you with me 

What to watch: Stephen Fry in Central America – baby manatees, coffee, volcanoes, Mayans, Guatamalan gangs, and weaving. Lots of weaving.


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